Kylie Jenner Reveals The Largest Beauty Error She Ever Produced


If you had been hoping for additional than one interview out of Kylie Jenner’s first Allure cover. 

I have some great information for you — in addition to the cover story, Kylie spoke to Kim Kardashian — yes, the Kim Kardashian — about beauty in a much more casual conversation. Now that she’s transformed the conversation from her lip fillers to her lip kits — the energy of Kris Jenner — Kylie can admit that she acquired a small carried away with the injections at a single point.


KKW: “OK, what’s the most significant beauty blunder you’ve ever produced?” KJ: “Well, I absolutely produced my lips a very little too massive at one stage.” KJ: “I acquired fired up and felt like I essential to do a great deal. And then you guys have been like, ’Kylie, you will need to chill.’


And then I had to go back and have it fixed, and it was a crazy process.


Thank God I didn’t finish up on Botched .” Uhhhh, lip fillers sound like terrifying nightmares. PASS. Let’s be real, though — it’d be complete of cross-promotion prospective for E!. KYLIE JENNER DITCHES HER TRADEMARK Beauty Looks FOR ALLURE


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