Kylie Jenner Defends Blac Chyna Following Emoji Drama: It’s Just A ‘Misunderstanding’


How insane was the Aug. 21 episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians?’ There was a ton of drama, as normal, but this time it involved Kylie Jenner, 19, and Blac Chyna, 28. Blac launched her new emojis and 1 of them was of her smacking Kylie in the encounter — it was crazy, but the sisters-in-law settled it! What did you guys feel of the episode? Blac launched her own set of emojis, Chymojis just like Kim Kardashian. 35, and whilst some of them have been humorous, there was one particular of a cartoon avatar that looked precisely like Kylie. getting slapped in the face by Blac — it is truly scary. When Kylie’s older sister, Kourtney Kardashian. 37, located it, she started off flipping out and was so upset. She even said, “This is the very first time I’ve questioned Chyna’s intentions.” 

Rob mentioned to Kourtney, “Why do you care that she has emojis?”


and Kourtney mentioned, “I don’t care that she has them, I care that she has 1 of Kylie.” Khloe was talking to Kylie and asking her if she was mad about the emoji and Kylie was totally questioning it! “Do you consider it seems to be like me?” she explained as she described the emoji. “I really consider it is this woman that she hates that she had a public fight with.” Of program, Kylie was so upset as well, but instead of going crazy, she addressed it with Blac correct away. “I spoke to Chyna and I truly really don't consider the emojis have been about me,” Kylie said. I’m truly exhausted of my family members fighting with Rob above just about every small point I just want every person to be satisfied, it’s my relatives. Wow, good for you Kylie! We are so content she is becoming so great and mature about the condition!


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